Pick Accuracy Verification (PAV™)

PAV™ is a powerful software solution for use with the Intellident multiportal™ and multiterminal™ product ranges. PAV™ ensures that the right product arrives at the right place at the right time. PAV™ automatically imports electronic order files extracted from the supplier backend host systems and then packed trays are checked to ensure that the vehicle fill is 100% accurate before dispatch. At the end of the production process, product is placed into full and half trays. PAV™ runs in writing mode and will encode the UPC, Date Life and series number onto the RFID tag on the trays.

As part of the dispatch process, fully stacked dollies are presented to the multiportal™ or multiterminal™ where each individual RFID tray tag is scanned by PAV™ running in reading mode. Product information from the tag is then compared against the electronic order file to confirm accuracy and that the product has the correct date life.

Once an order has been completed, PAV™ will send an advanced shipping notification to the destination depot to confirm exactly what is on the way.

PAV™ Process Flow

PAV™ Versions

PAV™ is available in four versions as detailed below. Intellident will provide the version appropriate to the designated equipment in use at each site:

  • PAV™ Lite – a single installation, single dispatch unit providing the basic functionality for the PAV™ system.
  • PAV™ Pro – a system capable of multiple installations allowing a single dispatch unit to be assigned to a single order with the capability to accept increased functionality and control through the use of PAV™ modules.
  • PAV™ Enterprise – all of the features of the PAV™ Pro solution but allowing the use of multiple dispatch units to cover single order dispatches plus running from a centrally served database system.
  • PAV™ HHT – PAV™ application software specifically developed for handheld RFID equipment. For full software functionality, wireless networking is required. PAV™ is priced as a one-off Enterprise licence or as part of a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) licence model based on tray volumes.

PAV™ Pricing

PAV™ PAYG is offered with tiered pricing acting as a cost effective entry point for suppliers with low to mid tray volumes per week. Where suppliers have larger volumes it may be more cost effective to purchase a one-off PAV™ Enterprise licence. Please contact us for pricing options.