A customised handheld device for reading, writing and verifying RFID tags and barcode labels.

Intellident’s RFID multiterminal™ 200 is a custom designed handheld solution created for industrial applications; the lightweight but robust construction has all the elements required for RFID tag writing and PAV™ dispatch control. The multiterminal™ 200 has been manufactured to provide mobile multiscanning functionality for RFID write/read applications which offers a significant improvement in operational speed over a traditional RFID handheld. The detachable “steering wheel” antenna is used for multi-tag scan mode but can be removed for single tag scanning for trays in 2” mode.

The terminal runs Window® CE 6.0, and combines a powerful ARM processor for fast operation. Complete with two internal batteries, the device can offer long operating hours in intensive warehouse operations (up to 6 hours use).

The multiterminal™ 200 can be used with the following tray modes:

  • High performance

    Multi-scanning capability increases the operational speed of tag writing and PAV™ dispatch applications. The detachable “steering wheel” antenna used for multi-tag scan mode can be removed to offer single tag scan mode.

  • Lightweight design

    Complete with a customised magnetic antenna, multiterminal™ 200 has a pistol-grip design, which lends itself to a comfortable operation when reading tags and barcodes over extended periods.

  • Tag programming functionality

    Provides the ability to program information to a tag using the integrated RFID antenna. The device reads the barcode information, which can then immediately be written to the RFID tag.

  • Ease of data entry

    In addition to the barcode scanner, multiterminal™ 200 comes complete with a full alpha-numeric keyboard for simple data entry.

  • Robust and outdoor usable

    The bright colour screen and backlit keyboard give an easy user interface for clear viewing both indoors and outdoors.

  • Long operating hours

    The device carries 2 internal batteries to offer up to 6 hours use in intensive warehouse operations.

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