Portable handheld device for reading, writing and verifying RFID tray tags and scanning tray end barcode labels (TELs).

The multiterminal™ 100 is designed for industrial applications; the lightweight but robust construction has all the elements required for RFID tag writing and PAV™ dispatch control. The terminal runs Window® CE 6.0, and combines a powerful ARM processor for fast operation. With an easy swap out battery option, the device can offer long operating hours in intensive warehouse operations to maximise uptime.

The multiterminal™ 100 can be used with the following tray modes:

  • Tag programming functionality

    Provides the ability to program information to a tag using the integrated RFID antenna. The device reads the barcode information, which can then immediately be written to the RFID tag.

  • Flexible operation

    The multiterminal™ 100 can operate as a standalone unit for tag writing mode only. In addition, the device also supports LAN and WAN accessibility, enabling capture and transfer of data for use in network applications.

  • Robust and outdoor usable

    The multiterminal™ 100 comes complete with a colour TFT reflective screen for clear viewing both indoors and outdoors. With its ultra rugged housing the unit can easily withstand multiple drops from normal operation height.

  • Lightweight design

    Complete with an ergonomically designed vertical form factor, the multiterminal™ 100 offers easy handling and operation over extended periods.

  • Ease of data entry

    In addition to the barcode scanner, the multiterminal™ 100 comes complete with a full alpha-numeric keyboard for simple data entry.

  • Easy change battery

    The operator can easily swap out the battery to maximise daily operating hours.

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