The multiportal™ 400 offers flexibility and resilience for both RFID tag writing and reading for quick and efficient intake or dispatch of goods using HF technology.

The quad antenna configuration is primarily designed for fast, accurate read/write processing for dolly stacks of half metric trays in 2”, 4” or 7” mode. In conjunction with Intellident’s patented PAV™ dispatch control application, suppliers can achieve 100% dispatch accuracy of their product. Each antenna column features a unique two-digit display and LED configuration providing visual notification of the tray count. This allows operators to more effectively identify and remove problem trays, significantly reducing the time required for fulfilment of RFID operations. The antennas in turn are connected to an ultra slim touchscreen control console that holds the RFID reader and presents the PAV™ user interface to the operator.

The modular design of the multiportal™ range is fully scalable, allowing between one and five antennas connected through the same touchscreen control console. Consequently suppliers can invest, safe in the knowledge that the solution can be reconfigured in the future in line with any changes in their supply arrangements.

The multiportal™ 400 can be used in the following tray modes:

  • Speed

    Fast multi-scanning capability for bulk writing and reading of dollies. Includes the ability to process half trays and/or Qboxes in a single scan.

  • Integrated display

    Each antenna displays a full tray count providing quick and easy confirmation of the amount of trays that have been processed per tower.

  • Network operation

    Each column is connected and powered directly via the control console, simplifying requirements for power and network connectivity.

  • Hard wearing finish

    The tough plastic front provides protection against scuffs, scratches and prevents contaminants ingress.

  • Sturdy, secure base

    The multiportal™ 400 base bolts directly to the floor for safe and secure operation. In addition, an integrated foot plate serves to protect the antenna sides from direct contact.

  • Small footprint

    Designed to maximise use of space, the new multiportal™ 400 design offers more flexibility to suppliers when choosing preferred equipment locations.

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