Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Why do Intellident use remote access for software faults ? +

    Intellident recognise that it is important that the best-fit resources are directed to deliver the service at all times. Based on our experience, we have identified that hardware engineers are excellent at dealing with hardware faults but are not the best resources to deal with often complex software issues which can be affected by local IT environments. As a consequence Intellident have implemented 2nd line software experts on the helpdesk. They are skilled experienced software engineers who deal with the software and IT environments every day and can therefore deliver faster, better fixes minimising downtime. Intellident therefore recommend that remote access is an important pre-requisite to deliver SLA and ongoing service improvement.
  • What’s the difference between Warranty and Support & Maintenance ? +

    Intellident provides 12 months warranty cover for software and hardware parts with labour and travel costs being chargeable for onsite visits. Priority status is provided to customers with a support contract which means the service level agreement does not apply. It is therefore recommended that RFID installations are supported by valid maintenance contracts. Support and maintenance contracts are fully inclusive of all parts, travel, labour and SLA response.
  • Can you provide more details about TeamViewer ? +

    Intellident’s standard remote access tool is TeamViewer, an industry standard single software application that enables secure connection to almost any remote machine running a version of Windows that has internet access. 99% of the time it requires no setup on the remote side – a client is simply downloaded and executed and an ID and individual session password generated. Using this information, a connection to the remote machine is established, enabling the screen and the file system of the remote machine to be viewed locally. Using this tool means Intellident can often deliver fixes for many cases without any interaction or replacement of hardware needed. Instead of sending engineers, getting a remote session to fix the problem increases the rate at which cases can be resolved which reduces downtime, can eliminate staff intervention and increases customer satisfaction. The full security report for TeamViewer is available at:
  • Do I have to use TeamViewer for remote access ? +

    No. Intellident provide remote diagnostic and desktop control services using a range of different technologies. This is branded as the smartsupport™ service and can utilise both our own preferred solutions and customer chosen technologies. Intellident have selected TeamViewer based on the security features offered. Due to the encryption methods used, no outside parties including TeamViewer themselves are able to view the content of this traffic, so the data transfer remains secure between Intellident and the supplier. The solution can use a defined IP address for access only to the required system using a single port, all other network facilities may be locked down. In addition, Intellident take all measures to ensure that only authorised personnel are able to assist with remote access. These practices ensure that security is not compromised.
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